This team has helped my mental health since my accident, it feels as much of a brotherhood as the army - Annonymous, Military Veteran

Being part of a team feels like somewhat being back in the army, pushing each other to be better, either by telling them off or through positive feedback. The togetherness of the team makes me feel like i've known them years not months, and the banter within the team is what every squaddie misses. - Lance, Military Veteran 

As one of the youngest players in the group it's been easy to fit in. I have been with the group for about two years and it is great to see how far the team has come both on and off the pitch. It's more than just a Friday kick about, it brings back the family feeling that you lose when you leave the army. We are a close knit group of lads, that get on very well. No matter if you are going through  a bad time, like i have recently, the lads are always here to talk. Without the team I don't know where I would be right now, as it has helped me massively overcome some telling times - Annonymous, Military Veteran

I’ve missed this. I’ve missed sitting down with other people for so long. I will no longer take this for granted - Anonymous, Veterans Night

.The military veterans football team means a lot to me, I was asked to run the team back in March 2018. Before this team I have only ever coached junior teams & Curzon Ashton U18s, so I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about coaching grown men, but it has helped me grow not only asa football coach but as a person. I have always had an admiration for the Armed Forces, my late stepdad was a Sergeant Major for the Royal Signals and having the chance to work alongside ex-military personnel was someting I was really looking forward to - Isaac Keast, Manager, Military Veterans